My Bank Balance Summary

Bank balance :
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For deposite in bank just scan this QR with you Nilu wallet app


MetaBank FAQ

- How to deposit?

You can deposit in MetaBank by sending a transaction to the bank address: 0x8e50150e3861a985542a0caf581bdf35a3f85ddc, in addition you can simply scan QR code on MetaBank page ( by your mobile wallet.

- How can I check my bank account status?

Using MetaBank webpage (, you can find your:

  • POD Balance (the amount of the deposit that gain benefit)
  • Waiting deposit (the amount that will be added to POD balance on the next round)
  • Waiting withdraw (the amount that will settle to your wallet on the next round)
  • Total paid (total amount that paid to you, both by withdraw or as the benefit)

- What is the minimum deposit amount?

50,000 Ɲ, if you send less than this amount, your transaction will fail. If you already paid equal or more than 50,000 Ɲ, you can pay less amount and your new payments will add to your previous balance on the next round.

If you deposit equal or more than 50,000 Ɲ but withdraw some amount and decrease your bank balance to less than 50,000, you will get no reward on the next rounds. In this situation, your deposits will remain in the temporary section.

- What is the process of profit share?

At the end of each round, about 120,000 Ɲ shared between bank depositors based on their shares in total deposits of the bank. Each depositor will gain her profits on her depositor wallet address.

- How can I withdraw my coins from the bank?

You should call the “withdraw” method with the “amount” as the parameter from MetaBank smart contract. Alternatively, you can simply use your mobile wallet (the next version which will be available on the next week) and scan withdraw QR code on the bank web page.